We don't provide any owners names for a number of reasons:

Accuracy: These are small and medium businesses and accurate data isn't available for these like it is for fortune 500's with complex corporate structures - the people in these smaller businesses usually know each other on a first name basis. They aren't large enough to need to file complex accounts outlining this information.

Legal: In Europe (GDPR), Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc, and more recently the California Consumer Privacy Act. Other states are working on similar versions. The emails we provide you are public domain, made public by the company in some manner. Names are different and puts you at risk of dealing in private information.

Why? I (the founder of D7) personally did studies. When I email my brother I don't say "Hello Martin, It was lovely to hear...", I simply say "Hey, Here's the photos from the trip". The power of having the name died in the early 2000's, we all get junk mail daily, with or without our name.

Emails such as Hey Paul! A holiday offer just for you aren't effective anymore. My name, just like yours, is very likely in thousands of companies databases by now. I tested this and ran 2 very similar email campaigns, both with and without the name (over 100K emails). There was no noticeable difference in reply rates - the only place I seen this matter is on the phone, where it did show a difference having the name.

The quality of your copy is so much more important. Take a look at the below examples:

Subject: Google Marketing for your Business
Hello, I am a highly qualified SEO marketing company. Your business is doing very bad in Google, hire me to fix your rankings.


Subject: Do you offer Boiler Installation?

Hello, Is (phone) still the correct phone number for you? I tried to call this morning but couldn't get through.

I'll keep my email brief. I have been sending mostly residential (but also some commercial) customers to a few other plumbers outside of Portland. We are expanding the business and I'm looking to partner with a plumber here in Portland. Are you able to take on any more boiler installs?

Let me know if this is something you can handle and we can arrange a convenient time to have a chat. Feel free to respond to this email or text/call me on 123-456-7890.

The first email (and rightfully so) is getting nothing back. It offers no real value to the recipient, whereas the second email offers a flow of customers. You can send 5,000 emails of the first kind each day, and 100 of the second kind - the 100 will result in more customers than the 5,000.

If, regardless of above, you still want names, D7 lists are compatible with and can be imported to Snovio which will add names to the lists for a cost. I would always suggest testing both and see if the added cost of gathering names results in increased revenue, and stop if it doesn't.
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