The whitelabel version allows you to run a copy of D7 on your own domain/subdomain with your own logo, and the ability to embed your own widgets, chat software, javascript etc into the site.

You manage your own billing, signing up of your customers, set your own price etc. and must make a frontend of a website. Ie if your business would be called MyLeads - you could make the site (ie with Wordpress or any other platform). With the custom subdomain, ie - your users can login to the whitelabel version of D7.

Once your whitelabel version is created, you will have a dashboard where you can add/delete users, reset their password, set them to expire in x days etc.

We offer 1 single plan under the whitelabel program. This is 10 searches per day for each of your users (the same limits as the Starter Plan, approx 4-5K leads per day). However, the difference is that they get access to all of the data points available across all the plans (ie reviews data, categories etc). The only thing that's not available on the Whitelabel plan is the Bulk Search (which is used by less than 1% of D7).

There is a certain cost for each subuser. As there is quite a bit of work involved in setup, we have a minimum commitment of 10 users to start. After this, you can add more users with all amounts prorated to keep billing simple.

Feel free to reach out on chat for further information, we are here to help!
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