We now have a White Label version of D7 Lead Finder available.

The domain used to access the tool is a generic domain with zero references to D7 Lead Finder anywhere on the page. All the data points from D7 are available to your users, with zero options to upgrade, change plans or view affiliate links etc.

The Live Support is removed, and all contact with D7 support is removed.

The plan is available is custom, with the features of the Agency Plan, with the additional data points of the Professional Plan, with a higher limit of 50 searches per day.

You will need to handle billing and support for your own users, however, you may pass on their requests to D7 support for an answer and forward this to your user if you wish. You get access to a page to create new users, reset their passwords and manage their accounts.

The minimum order for this package is 10 users at a discounted rate, additional users may be added to your account as and when you like. Once 10 users are added to your account, you can create up to 10 White Labelled users whenever you like - on the first day or anytime throughout the month.

To get more info or to get this setup, please contact live support.
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