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How can I upgrade my plan?

Do you need to increase your daily limit of searches and to add more features to your current plan? You can do all that from your D7 profile! The process is straightforward and instant. It will bill you under a pro-rated value; that is, the value remaining for the rest of the current month on your current package, will be used as payment towards the new plan.

You can switch your plan from the following link: Choose a plan

If you are already on the Professional Plan and still need more searches per day, we are able to offer higher custom plans with more searches at an additional cost per month for each additional 100 searches you would like added to the account. This can all be prorated automatically, just let me know how many additional searches you would like to add.

Tip: If you are not sure which plan to choose, we would suggest to begin with the Starter Plan. If you need more searches or features from our other plans, you can upgrade at any time!

Feel free to reach out on chat for further information, we are here to help!

Updated on: 09/21/2020

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