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Team Members

Now with the Professional plan you can create separate logins that you can share with your staff members or VAs. In order to add any subuser to your account, you can follow these steps or this link:

1- Click on your name (top right) and you will see drop menu
2- Select "Team Members"
3- Enter the name of your subuser and his/her email address (it should be a business domain)
4- Click "Add New Subuser"

Once this is done, you will be able to view the credentials on the right side and manage his/her profile with the blue button which says "Manage".

The overall daily limit is shared among all users and cannot be set individually per user. While each user will see only his/her own searches, the main account will see all searches from all users.

Your subusers can change their own password, make searches and view their own history, but won't have access to view or modify other users, or view/change billing settings from the main account.

All users should be registered using a business domain (free webmail services aren't supported). Once you add a single Subuser, all additional Subusers will be required to use the same domain name in their email address. Here you can see some examples:

Feel free to reach out on chat for further information, we are here to help.

Updated on: 10/07/2020

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