On all packages the basic amount of data available will be the company name, phone number, email address, website URL, social media links (facebook, yelp, instagram, twitter) and postal address. We don't have 100% of this data for each business, so we show what we have for each business. Almost all businesses listed have atleast a phone number, and most have websites, email addresses and one or two social media handles, aswell as the postal address.

Additional data is available on the Agency Plan which includes Pixel/Remarketing data. This will tell you whether the business has been seen using Facebook, Google or Criteo Pixels - this is a great indication that the business is already spending money on advertising.

On the Professional Plan, there is yet again additional data which includes reviews from major review websites, whether the websites are mobile friendly, the category name (which works great in templated emails) and a few other little bits included in the excel export (it wont all fit on the page).
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