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What data is included?

With our three different plans (Starter, Agency and Professional) you can get, where available, the business email address, phone number, website URL and social media profiles. On the following picture you can see more features of our plans:

In addition to that, the amount of data returned does not have a hard limit. The only limit is the searches per day depending on the plan you choose. The exact amount of leads depends on the size of cities and industries you are looking up.

Additional data is available on the Agency Plan which includes Pixel/Remarketing data. This will tell you whether the business has been seen using Facebook, Google or Criteo Pixels - this is a great indication that the business is already spending money on advertising.

On the Professional Plan, there is yet again additional data which includes reviews from major review websites, whether the websites are mobile friendly, the category name (which works great in templated emails) and a few other little bits included in the excel export (it won't all fit on the page).

Here you have a link where you can check our plans and what each includes. Also, I'd suggest to run a test search for any keyword/niche in any location. You'll get back a real list of leads from D7, within your niche and location. The list will be partially blurred, but will show enough for you to see the type of data we have, and to verify we cover your locations and niches

You can always reach out to us on our chat for any further questions! We are here to help!

Updated on: 06/19/2020

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