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What is the Leads Blacklist?

There are 2 main uses of the Leads Blacklist, the first is to hide repetitive leads that are of no use to you and the other is to hide ie your own clients so you can ensure you don't email them.

Use case 1: if you're emailing a lot of restaurants and you don't offer services that would be used ie by Subway or Mcdonalds franchises, simply add their web domains to the list and you'll never see them in your list exports again. The same can be done for ie car sales - if you add Ford's website, you'll never see Ford in your lists again.

Use case 2: Many times when exporting lists, you will need to do a lot of searching through the CSV files to ensure ie your existing clients, your competitors etc aren't in specific lists.

This can be a tedious task and requires a lot of checking each and every time you export a list from D7. With the new Blacklist Feature you can add domains, phone numbers and emails and you'll never see that data across D7 - instead it will be automatically removed from both your online view and any exported files.

Let's say you never want to see Frankies Pizzeria in any of your lists ever again - you could add their website domain, or phone or email. When we find any single one of these 3 items, we will completely hide the lead for you and you won't see it anywhere on D7 or in your downloads.. For best results, add all 3 if you have them.

Example screenshot:

Updated on: 09/21/2020

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